Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Virtual machines can be in any one of four high-level CPU States

Wait: This can occur when the virtual machine's guest OS is idle (waiting for work), or the virtual machine could be waiting on vSphere tasks.  Some examples of vSphere tasks that a vCPU may be waiting on include waiting for I/O to complete or waiting for ESX level swapping to complete. These non-idle vSphere system waits are called VMWAIT.
Ready (RDY): A CPU is in the Ready state when the virtual machine is ready to run but unable to run because the vSphere scheduler is unable to find physical host CPU resources to run the virtual machine on. One potential reason for elevated Ready time is that the VM is constrained by a user-set CPU limit or resource pool limit, reported as max limited (MLMTD).
CoStop (CSTP): Time the vCPUs of a multi-vCPU virtual machine spent waiting to be co-started. This gives an indication of the co-scheduling overhead incurred by the virtual machine.


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